About Me

Well as this page is about me, I guess I should really write something down as it looks silly with all the default writing!

My name is Kelly Rooker and I am a …. well, I’m not entirely sure really. I started back at uni in Wolverhampton in my second year this September 2010, and a brief discussion at one of my module introductions was about what we call ourselves, be it an artist, designer, craftsman etc. I think the best term for me would probably be a Craftsman particularly specialising in Glass. However, I do like to paint (pop art portrats mostly) and I love ceramics and have also got into jewellery making in ceramics as well as silver and also have a love of metal / wire which I haven’t really had much experience in.

In each year of my degree I will study different modules. This year the structure of the degree course has changed from 8 x 15 credit modules, to 6 x 20 credit modules, 2 of which will stretch across both semesters. One of the year long modules is contextual studies but with a more glamourous (or boring long winded) title. This is by far my worst subject as I find it the most boring and hardest subject as it involves a lot of reading and writing which I really don’t like as a creative maker! The other year long module is “Design Discourse and its Critique” which is one of three modules this semester where we are forced to look at other materials outside of our specialist areas. Now while this is good in theory, in practice it is not so easy! I have in the past worked with different materials, and as I have already pointed out, I love to work in different materials. My passion is not entirely about one material or one theme etc., my focus is on the process of materials. I love to find out how to work with materials in different ways and how I can make them work together to produce a better piece of work. Now the problem… some people started the course as a “DAA” (Design and Applied Arts) student which is basically like the beginning of an Art Diploma course where you try everything out, which means you get inducted into the different workshops and so are able to go in and work in there with staff around to supervise. If like me you haven’t done that, you then have to arrange to be inducted into the different areas to get any work done. This is a bigger problem when you have three modules which all require multi material products / pieces.

So, I need to focus my attention now to being creative and this is where themes / passions etc. come in to influence / inspire my work. I am interested in street art / stencils like the work of grafitti artist Banksy and Pop Artist Andy Warhol as well as silhouettes, particulary of dance poses as I also enjoy dancing (and I don’t mean drunken falling about in clubs! I mean Street Dance, Samba, Line Dancing, Hip Hop). I have a passion for music and used to play Cello, Guitar and Piano before moving away to University in 2008.

During my time at Bedford College in 2006/07 I used the imagery of musical notation and instruments as a visual inspiration for my work. I also discovered a passion for ceramics as I had previously had a very limited experience with it and also mostly taught myself how to work with glass in the kiln. on of the pieces I produced for my Final Major Project (FMP), was a piece which combined Ceramic vessel forms which were screwed on (metal) to wooden dowels into a wooden base all painted black, with a mirror attached to reflect the underside of the ceramics which had been raku glazed. This is a perfect example of how to combine materials to produce a better outcome. Image shown below.

My favourite, and first I believe, glass piece which is one of the reasons why I ended up going to University which I had never planned on doing beforehand is shown below. We also went to Wolverhampton University for a glass sand casting workshop, which I how I came to have a slightly broader knowledge of glass and the possibilities it had to offer, and therefor ended up being the place I applied to study and was accepted for.

I am also an Aston Villa season ticket holder which doesn’t go down particularly well as I live 5 minutes walk from the Wolverhampton Wanderers stadium. I not not a “girly girl” and so the football etc. makes sense to me in my personality as it is not a huge clash, although when I was a majorette a lot of people were baffled although I was also in the army cadets for a year too so I really am quite a mixed up person really! But if you know me you would know that anyway!

1 Response to About Me

  1. Hi, Kelly 😊 Greetings from South Louisiana, USA! I have recently decided to make time to learn more about blogging here at Word Press. So, with the help of Word Press U, one day at a time I am learning about the “technicalities” of having a blog.
    Today’s “Fundamentals” assignment is learning about “Tags” by typing in particular words to search out others blogs. Through typing in the word ‘Italy’ several blogs came up and I found yours.
    What a wonderful way to begin 2016! I hope you are continuing to enjoy the challenges and learning you must be experiencing in your new home.
    I look forward to reading more about your exciting adventures!

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