Week 77 Italian Words Learned

  1.  un incubo – a nightmare
  2. Non chiedevo tanto – I didn’t ask a lot
  3. prestiti – loans
  4. mutui – mortgages
  5. L’adesione risulta attiva sulla tessera – Membership is active on the card
  6. Appena avrai… – As soon as you have…
  7. la cavalletta – grasshopper
  8. sciocchezze – rubbish/balderdash
  9. riuscire – to succeed
  10. dal soffitto – from the ceiling
  11. monouso – disposable
  12. i freni – brakes (e.g. on a bike)
  13. il lucchetto – the padlock
  14. i pronipoti – great-grandchildren
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