Week 72 Italian Words Learned

  1. calcoli renali – kidney stones
  2. sili – silos
  3. geni  – genes
  4. votare – to vote
  5. Ho imballato le mie cose – I have been packing up my belongings
  6. Sto trasferendo – I am relocating
  7. L’appartamento è già arredato – The apartment is already furnished
  8. ingannare – to deceive
  9. imbrogliare – to cheat
  10. Sta sudando molto – He/She is sweating a lot
  11. il sula – gannet (type of sea bird)
  12. ingordo – gannet (greedy)
  13. appuntito – sharp/pointed
  14. ingiusto/scorretto/sleale – unfair
  15. il vetroceramica – the glass brick
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