Week 2 Italian Words Learned

My second week and I am still getting used to hearing Frenchy talking but some words are use useful to know and interesting to see written:

1) Piove – it’s raining
2) è divertente – it’s funny
3) ci vediamo – see you
4) andiamo – let’s go/we go
5) trattoria – tavern
6) ballare – to dance
7) cantare – to sing
8) Io ho il raffreddore – I have the flu
9) Io ho la tosse – I have a cough
10) Non ho voglia di studiare – I don’t feel like studying
11) un bacio grande – a big kiss
12) scappiamo – run away
13) una sorella – a sister
14) un fratello – a brother
15) Io sono un nipote – I have a nephew
16) Dove lavora il muratore? – Where does a bricklayer work?
17) il muratore lavora in un cantiere – a bricklayer works on site
18) Sono insegniate – I am a teacher
19) che cos’é? – what is it?
20) che cisa sono? – what are they?


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