Passport – check, Flights booked – check

It’s official – I’m going to Italy on Monday 8th February 2016! Yesterday I spent the entire day driving to Peterborough to get my passport renewed, hanging around in the wet and windy weather for 4 hours while I waited to collect it and then drove/crawled home in traffic. I did see and walk around the Peterborough Cathedral though which is currently undergoing significant restoration projects including the organ pipes being repitched (and there are over 5000 of them) and the mosaic floor in sections are being carefully restored by replacing delaminated slate pieces for new stone pieces.

Peterborough CathedralPeterborough

It was a longer day than going to work and far more exhausting! Regardless, I now have a passport with longer than 3 months left until it expires. I also managed to sort out my money for while I’m over there so I don’t get charged for every use in the months I will be over there so that was a relief and very easy to do after all.

I have also now booked my one way ticket and baggage – yes, my entire life of living surrounded by things I love will have to be condensed down to just things I need to live and fit into 2 hold bags and 1 hand luggage! I’m slowly getting somewhere with the packing up of my room in Coventry, trying to see things I don’t have the space to store like furniture… If you are looking to get some furniture, please feel free to message me… I may have something you want! I do think I will have to get a table at a car boot sale before I leave to try and shift some other items that will only be worth selling at an event rather than online.

Modena House.png

This is the house I will be living in while I am working as an Au Pair for the family, and yes – blue skies even at this time of year! I am very excited and have had another Skype conversation with them about the language schools that I could attend while I am there. I really must get a pocket phrase book before I go though and have a practice of the basics. It has been some time since I last visited Italy so need to refresh my memory of the customs. I am also going to get a guide book of sites to see in Modena to help me get started.

While I am away, I am told that the Milan Design Fair is on in April, so that would be a great opportunity to keep up with the Art and Design world and give me something to plan for already. If anyone wants a mini break in April and would like to come with me, let me know! I will post more information for that when I get time to research it properly.

That’s all for now, I’m glad to see that so many of you read my last post and look forward to reading your comments to my posts too in the future.

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