Morning commute to London

This morning on the commute into London for a training day, I pick up the Metro newspaper for a bit of light humour and I come across this article…


I suspect the reason the figures are so low in London is because they can passively smoke instead! I also find it a joke frankly that the government think that putting a target on reducing pregnant smoking will make any difference! They can’t enforce it or put anyone on disciplinary action for not meeting the target…

Here is another article that amused me and despite being hypocritical by sharing it on a social network myself, I felt I had to comment and share it with those who haven’t read it…


Now… Cat pictures are drowning the Internet and as a non cat lover, I would prefer not to have them thrown in my face. However the funny part of the story is the quote towards the end… “Facebook went down and I had no idea what the dog of someone I worked with in 2005 had been doing this morning.” Hahaha! Unfortunately this sums up what most people are using it for…

I, on the other hand, generally use it to track the places I have travelled to and photos of trips and holidays or to share my artistic practice on my Facebook Page… to keep my followers informed of my development.

To sum up… I have enjoyed having a laugh at the world via the Metro newspaper… It’s been a while! Have a great day everyone 🙂

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