Live Music

I had started to forget how much I enjoy listening to and watching live music until fairly recently when I attended a small venue in Birmingham to watch Alex Moir who I had seen a video of online in a band called Vienna Blood performing “Caesar ✌“. There were two bands that followed his set and I had a great night. They were Sam Gray and Paradise Circus. I loved Alex’s voice and music and then attended another gig in Stourbridge were there were other acts as well. The atmosphere was so good and although I was in the middle of a hectic month at uni, I felt at ease and relaxed.

Today I have spent hours on YouTube watching live recordings of performers in public places recorded by Croft Sessions who have not only recorded three videos of Alex Moir (#3.1 – Alex Moir “Up Or Down”, #3.2 – Alex Moir “Upside Out” and #3.3 – Alex Moir “No Matter What”) but have also introduced me to other performers such as Fitz. (Fitz. on Facebook) (Fitz. Website) with a fantastic song and video called “Caves” also available to watch on YouTube, #15.1 – Fitz. “The Garden of England” and Charlotte Carpenter who I like too performing #4.1 – Charlotte Carpenter “Let It Go”.

I am now on a mission to get out to more live gigs… you never know what you need or want until you don’t have it and now that I have got a taste back for it, I must get out there! The same went for stand-up comedy and since I made a new Years resolution a few years ago to see at least one stand-up a year, I have seen at least two a year! Slowly but surely I am regaining my personal identity after my artistic identity has been developed through my BA degree. Coming to the end of my University education with two months last of my PGCE, I can see the light getting back into the real world and the prospect of earning money once more to fund my ambitious lifestyle!

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