Musical Interest Reignited

Today on a field visit morning for the census, I went into a music shop I previously had not come across before called Nathan Rose Music. I looked around at the instruments and was reminded how much I loved being a musician so looked through the music books selection available. I saw some Disney Easy Piano books with words and not so easy without words. I bought an easy with words and then after paying I had another look and found a book called “Really easy piano collection: 50 Fantastic Songs, from pop songs to classical themes” and it has words and the songs range from a few disney classics to songs like Warwick Avenue by Duffy and Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel!! I am so excited to start learning them! After I bought the second book I realised that the adaptor for my keyboard went missing a while ago and so I went back in while looking like a crazy person and bought a universal adaptor to use on my keyboard. I did sound lame when the manager asked me what make my keyboard was and my reply was, “I don’t know… a Yamaha maybe; I bought it from Argos!” Lol. LAME!!! Oh well… it works (or will do now I have an adaptor!)

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